Fintage Seals New Partnership with Videorights

Fintage Audiovisual Rights B.V., the group’s subsidiary active in the business of maximizing revenues derived from the so called secondary use of Films, TV and other content  is pleased to announce their partnership with Videorights Srl., an Italian independent company that manages secondary and neighboring rights revenues for such content.

To continuously find ways to provide the best level of collections for the respective catalogues they hold,  also for the benefit of their Licensors, parties announced their cooperation as of Q4 2020, whereby Videorights shall exclusively manage Fintage’s catalogue in Italy and Fintage shall exclusively manage the catalogue of Videorights in the rest of the world.  Whilst this cooperation is exclusive, parties have not and do not intend to create a joint venture or similar.

We are looking forward to our collaboration for many years to come.